Breast Cancer Awarness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Last October, we dedicated and entire YWM to the issue of younger women and breast cancer.

We provided you with resources and ten breast health tips for younger women:

1. Monthly self-breast exams!

2. Quit smoking or never start.

3. Increase your fiber intake to 30g per day.

4. Obesity increases risk for breast cancer, so choose a low-fat diet.

5. Exercise daily–at least 30 min/day.

6. Annual mammograms for women over 40 years old.

7. If breast cancer runs in your family, get checked sooner.

8. If you find a lump always have it checked by a physician.

9. Menopausal women use caution when using hormone replacement therapy.

10. You’re never too young or too old for breast cancer.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month this October, here are a few links of interest:

A focus on breast cancer in young women,Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Young Women, Breast Cancer, and the New Law, NPR

Resource:  Young Survival Coalition

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