GOTV: The YWTF Voter Resource Guide

With congress poised to make decisions on critical issues like unemployment, equal pay, health care, and family economic security, this midterm is an election is an important one for women. This year more women then ever filed to run for Senate (36) and fourteen won the primaries. Yet, while women have typically been more likely to register and to vote then men, polls suggest that women are less enthusiastic about casting their ballot in this midterm election. According to CNN, only 23% of women described themselves as “extremely enthusiastic” about voting, compared to 38% of men. Women’s votes have the power to influence important legislation. We encourage you to become and enthusiastic voter, learn about your candidates, and vote on Tuesday.

Need to do some last minute research before you vote? We’ve compiled voters guides for each one of our chapter cities. Don’t fret, if you don’t live in one of the cities where we have a chapter, we’ve got you covered too. Check out the additional resources at the end of the post.


Sample ballot from Creative Loafing.

League of Women Voters, 2010 Georgia Voter Guide:
The League of Women Voters also has a form where you can put in your address to see who is on your ballot or download the pdf version.   You can also find out more about the five Constitutional Amendments and one state-wide referendum question,

Equality Georgia:
See where candidates stand on Marriage Equality, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and other LGBT issues.


Voter Guide from Equip for Equality:
Find out how to vote, where to vote, voter rights and resources.

View your sample ballot.

League of Women Voters Illinois:
Learn about the candidates and where they stand on issues.


League of Women Voters DC:
Use this guide to find out about Mayoral, Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, and council member elections.

Find your polling place, see sample ballots, and find out about other important information.


Before you go to the polls, review your sample ballot. Florida’s notoriously confusing and excessive constitutional amendments are better understood with a little prep work. None of us know who any of those judges are, either, without some googling.
Voting Information

Progress Florida:
Progress Florida is a nonprofit coalition of Florida’s leading progressive organizations.

Equality Florida:
See where candidates stand on Marriage Equality, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and other LGBT issues.

Planned Parenthood Votes:
The Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates engages in educational and electoral activity including public education campaigns, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy in areas of reproductive health care, family planning and medically-accurate sex education.

League of Women Voters:
The classic, old-school, awesome LWV has several guides for local and state issues. Great resource! Solid nonpartisan perspective.

New Jersey:

Find out who your candidates are and where to vote.

League of Women Voters New Jersey:
Find out how candidates responded to the LWV New Jersey questionnaire, see a sample ballot and find out more about where candidates stand.

New York City:

NYC Voter Assistance Commission:
Find your poll site, view a list of candidates, find out about the ballot, and learn more about the candidates by reading the Campaign Finance Board.

The League of Women Voters NYC:
Take a survey regarding the new voting machines, check out the Spanish voters guide, and find out more about your candidates.

San Fransisco:

Smart Voter:
Find out about your candidates, your polling place, and view a sample ballot.

League of Women Voters San Fransisco:
Find out about where candidates stand on issues and read about the MANY propositions on the San Fransisco and California ballot. You can also watch videos of Candidate forums.

Additional Resources:
Just click on your State to see a list of voter guides.

Project Vote Smart
A wealth of information!

The League of Women Voters
Find your own City/Sate LWV chapter to find out about polling places, candidates, and ballot measures.

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