Younger Women Who Rock Simmy Singh, YWTF — Washington D.C. Outreach Director

Our second interview for the weekly Younger Women Who Rock is with the YWTF-Washington D.C. Outreach Director, Simmy Singh.

Name: Simmy Singh

Age: 24

Where do you live?
2929 Connecticut Ave. NW,
Washington, DC 20008

How long have you been involved in YWTF? Why did you join?
A little more than 6 months. I joined because I wanted to work within a women’s organization for women’s rights. Something I am not able to do at my full time job.

What is your role in YWTF?
Outreach Director

What is your profession?
Public Affairs

What other forms of activism are you involved in outside of YWTF?
I am on a event planning committee for the Women’s Information Network.
The Sponsorship Director for NetIP NA’s Conference
Volunteer for RAINN
And on the Young Professionals Board for Break the Cycle

What does the word feminism mean to you?

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? If yes, how long have you thought of yourself as a feminist?
Yes I do consider myself to be feminist, from birth.

What three issues to you care the most about?
Education, Oversea Relationships, Gay Rights

Who is your hero? Why?
My mother, because she single handedly raised my sister and I with little  less than $17.

What is your all time favorite book and why?
I have SOOO many, but I do love Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

What sports do you play?

What is your favorite thing to cook and what is the recipe?
I love making Thai food. And honestly use any recipe that I can find online.

What are your hobbies?
Reading, Traveling, meeting new people, trying new things/foods/etc.

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