Budget Cuts

There is a battle in Congress over the federal budget Republicans want to cut some discretionary spending on domestic programs that are in the current budget in order to decrease the overall federal deficit but Democrats are against some of the cuts they have suggested. In recent news, President Obama has presented his 2012 budget that includes reduced domestic spending.
The GOP suggested budget cuts in these areas:
–   Eliminate $600 million from Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget request for the Community Oriented Policing Services program.
– Cut $758 million from food assistance to low-income women, infants, and children
– Decrease funding for the Minority Business Development Agency by $2 million
– Cut $16 million from Economic Development Assistance
– Eliminate and spending cuts to over 100 specific programs for $330 billion savings over ten years.
These are just a few suggestions from the GOP. In light of that the budget proposes to:
– Eliminate 13 Department of Education discretionary programs and consolidate 38 K-12 programs into 11 new programs. Cut $100 billion dollars from the Pell grant program and other
– Higher Education programs, and using those to ensure that eligible people would be able to receive the maximum award of $5,500 each school year.
– Cut funding for the Community Services Block Grant by 50 percent.
Furthermore the budget not only makes significant cuts but it’s making increased in certain areas as well:
– Invest $8.099 billion towards Head Start and Early Head Start that will serve about 986,000 children and families.
– It will provide $6.3 billion for the Child Care Development Fund.
– Invest $150 million in a new program to increase college access and completion and help educational productivity through an evidence-based grant competition.
– About$2.5 billion over a period of ten years to support an inclusive child welfare reform proposal to help prevent abuse and promote child safety.

A few budget cuts could possibly have a deep impact women and their health. Title X was established in 1970, and provides annual exams, cancer screening, family planning, contraception and testing and also treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.The repeal of Title X funding would affect millions of women from their only source of medical care. According to Karen Ford Manza who is the director of the nonprofit organization Arizona Family Planning Council she says that 60 percent of patients in Arizona are not receiving health care from anywhere else and that over 5 million people receive services from the Title X program nationally. Many women do not have other avenues of receiving services and this cut would affect women that have been relying on Title X for many years.

If you are interested in taking a stand to protect Planned ParentHood sign the petition.

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